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I laid there on the cold floor, trying my best to catch my breath. Every little sound startled my frazzled nerves; every little touch sent jolts through my brain.

The flimsy T-shirt that covered my torso provided almost no protection against the cold. Even worse, the jeans I came with were uncomfortably tight against the slight problem I had.

'Shit…' I thought, 'they drugged me, didn't they?'

By 'they', of course I meant the faceless grinning masked men who locked me in here and threw away the key.

I muttered curses under my breath, my lips not moving the way they should properly. I knew I shouldn't have trusted them. I knew I should've ran the first chance I got. So why didn't I?

My seemingly random train of thought though, was interrupted by a peculiar sound I definitely didn't imagine.


I don't mean like a dog's or anything, I meant like a low, husky growl that I know just too well what it meant. Still, it was a shock when the first move came.

At first, I thought it was a tongue, but then I realized that it was too big to be one. Something long, meaty and, well, wet slithered across my stomach and over like a rope holding me to the ground, which was pretty useless since I'm that much immobile already.
As more and more of those things strapped me down, I became more and more aware of how scantily clad I was, and how vulnerable I must look. I was fast slipping into a panicky state. You know, that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach that you get right before you do a performance in front of a crowd? The one that feels as if it's going to make you throw up? Yeah, that kind of panic.

But at that very moment, something else pushed that thought way, way back in the far corners of my mind.

"It's a little dark in here huh? Mind if I light things up a bit?"

The voice resounded in my mind, neither male nor female. Actually, it sounded more like a thousand voices all ringing at once instead of only one.

I did not imagine that, did I?

It seems I didn't, as then, neon blue light clouded my vision. After being in the pitch black for so long, my eyes were blinded for a whole minute. All of a sudden, I was not alone anymore.

Glowing blue tentacles, I can only identify them as, scattered all over the blank space I once thought was a simple four-walled room, wriggling and swaying in all directions, at least, as far as I can see; another tentacle was holding my head down by the forehead.
Okay, I thought to myself, fighting down the growing urge to panic. So this is another one of those freaky experiments they thought up. Great. Maybe I'll be eaten. At least then it's a quick death.

I try to not think about those things I saw in my last trip to Japan, about something I saw that has tentacles in it.

I tried hard not to make a sound as… it made the first move, wrapping one of its glowing blue tentacles around my waist a couple of times and lifting me clear off the ground. While coiling around my body, it has accidentally, or maybe not, brushed against the bulge in my pants, sending shivers up my spine. I was so focused on not making a sound that I didn't notice two smaller, thinner tentacles hover alarmingly close to my pants' waistline. I did notice though, that another slimier one had somehow or other suddenly ripped off my shirt, leaving my top half bare. I watched the white cloth fluttered to the ground, which was about two meters under me now.

This time, I didn't bother to stop the moan that escaped my mouth when a small tentacle curled around a pert nipple. It played with it, sometimes flicking at it and rubbing it roughly, almost painfully. I whimpered quietly as another tentacle approached my other nipple; I briefly wondered what the little suckers on the side were for. Briefly, because before I can think more of anything coherent, both my nubs felt as if a mouth were cupped over them and was sucking on them. Hard.

I struggled to regain control of my body, trying my best to not respond to the sensations of those tentacles groping my sensitive skin. It's not as if I've never felt something touching me there before…

But this was different. This was not a human, who has limitations and maybe some morals. No, this was just a disgustingly horny monster with slimy tenta –

"Watch it. You're at my mercy now."

I yelp, both from hearing the voice I had almost forgotten in my head again, and also from something – probably one of the thicker tentacles – was shoved roughly past my lips and down my throat. I gagged, yet didn't dare bite down. As it said, I was at its mercy now.

The same growl as earlier met my ears again, and I knew that that part was near.
Pieces of my jeans were ripped off, exposing the flushed pale skin underneath.  The tentacles hovering near were finally making their move. I grunted and hissed when two of them slipped under the ruined remains of one of the pant legs and ripped that off too. Great; now I'm fully naked.

I winced when two thick tentacles wrapped around my ankles and pulled them wide apart. I had half the mind to try and try to do something, cover my hole, try and pry off the tentacles, something to stop the pain that was sure to come, but the loosely wrapped tentacles around my wrists and forearm tightened as soon as I tried to move a muscle.
I was not proven wrong of my foreboding feeling when the cool tip of a tentacle brushed by, before I felt three small ones wrap around my leg and slithered up to touch and tease the ring of muscles that was my asshole. Another slightly thicker tentacle wrapped around the base of my dick, acting as a cock-ring.

Through the thick tentacle still twisting and turning in my mouth, I managed to whimper, "No… wait, don't do that… Not there…"

A cold, cruel laugh echoed around in my head for a while, bouncing around and fazing me for quite a while. And before I can even get my head on straight properly, the thickest tentacle I saw and felt so far pushed in without warning, tearing up the muscle and tissue. I screamed and arched my back, instinctively trying to get away from the source of the pain.

Warm blood streamed down my thighs and formed a little puddle on the floor not occupied by glowing blue creature parts. I panted, trying not to move at all as I felt the tentacle fill me up inside and squirm around – I'm reluctant to say – deliciously close to that spot. The one that makes me see stars.

The smaller tentacles around it wriggled and squirmed, worming their way beside the big one. I groaned when one of them – maybe two, three… I don't care to count – managed to go up in my rectum and wriggled around the biggest tentacle. Feeling the small tentacles get pushed against my prostate, I cried out in both pleasure and disgust. I can't believe I'm being fucked like this.

I hated it. But I loved it at the same time.

I tried tasting the tentacle that was still resting down my throat, curling around it and rubbing along the rough surface with my tongue and grazing my teeth along the side for good measure. My lips form a smirk as a deep purr resounded in my ears. I don't know what I was thinking; all I know, better enjoy this however I can.

"Please…" I breathed, panting from the sensations racking my body.

"Please what, my pet?" I shivered. That voice was still in my head.

"It feels weird… Don't touch it all… At the same time…" I mumbled around the tentacle shoved down my throat, referring to the tentacles licking and sucking my nipples, wrapping around and rubbing against my penis and balls, and of course the ones still in my ass. Apparently, the simple action of talking sent vibrations along the tentacle, as the creature then made a sound somewhere between a purr and a moan.

The other, more pronounced response I got was the big tentacle pulling out until the very tip. Then, still with the little ones in there, it pushed back in, spurting more blood all over the place. I screamed, in both pain and pleasure; pain because I had, upon reflex, tensed the muscles around my hole, making it that much more painful, and pleasure because that large tentacle tip had just collided against my prostate without mercy. Then it, along with the tentacle still resting in my mouth, started to move again, back and forth, in and out, faster than any human or animal could. With each thrust, all the sensations grew, until the pleasure won out and the pain, forgotten.

My jaw started to hurt from the prolonged time the bigger-than-usual tentacle moved in and out of my mouth, but I forgot about the pain completely when the tentacles started stroking my shaft, cupping my balls and moving in time with the other tentacles penetrating me. I cried out as the very tip of a smaller tentacle slid along the slit on the head, shooting pleasure through my whole body. I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling my butt cheeks being rubbed on and firmly squeezed.

"Hah…" I panted, finally excepting my fate and relaxing my tensed muscles the best I could.

God, it was hell in heaven.

Or heaven in hell, whichever comes first.

My skin was now covered in a mixture of sweat and slime, uncountable numbers of tentacles groping, sucking and even biting on every inch of my body. All the sensations were overwhelming, a mixture of pleasure that made me see spots dancing in front of my eyes and maybe just a hint of pain; it made me want to cum so, so bad. Yet that wasn't possible as the couple or so small tentacles still wrapped around the base of my penis, acting like a cock-ring.

I groaned, trying to move my body to get more friction. But the tentacles won't have any of that; it kept my limbs where they are, not even budging. My eyes peeked blearily open when a strange whine, somewhere between a whistle, a whimper and a groan, echoed through the room and then –


It was the only thing that popped into my head when the monster's tentacles came. It felt… like a normal human's cum. Only it was both searing hot and biting cold at the same time. It filled my ass and splurted out, mixing with the sweat, slime, and the leftover blood. It filled my mouth too, but unlike  the semen I was used to tasting, this tasted like… water. Like, no taste at all. Bland.

And it streamed on my chin, down my neck, and onto my chest. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt before. My skin froze and burned wherever the strange liquid touches. It hurt, but it was like a good kind of hurt. Or maybe I was just turning into a masochist.

No matter how much I tried to not swallow any, it flowed down my throat anyways, leaving behind a trail of the same hot-but-cold feeling inside my body.

The tentacles rode their pseudo-orgasm out, making me groan and whimper and made all sorts of sounds I had never heard from anyone, let alone myself.

They then retreated, lowering my weakened body back down onto the cold hard floor. The neon blue subsided into a dim transparent glow. The last ones to leave were the little ones still lingering on my once again bleeding hole, along with the ones softly stroking the drugged-affected sensitive skin on my thighs and butt cheeks, and the one wrapped around my shaft.

Hmm… It's been a while since I got to use this form… Thank you for the good time anyways, boy…

It slithered away, until I could see it no more. My dick was still hard from the experience, yet I didn't dare move in fear of the tentacles' return. My whole body, inside and out, was wet from a disgusting mixture of sweat, slime, blood and the monster's cum, but I could feel something else staining my cheeks.

It was slightly warm, and when I stuck the tip of my tongue out, salty too. I think I know what it was, but I was too afraid to admit it.

I rolled onto my side. Curling fetal position, I hid my face in my arms as I let the warm substance flow freely from my eyes, my painful yet pleasurable pants turning into sobs that racked my body.

I was cold.

I was hurt.

I was fucked.

But most of all, I was alone again.
Did I write this in the right place? (I'm new)

Alright, I’m finally done with this thing!! Three cheers for me!
So, anyway, for those of you who like to imagine somebody else drowning in misery, here is a character I personally designed for you, especially made to give off that ‘uke’ vibe. I would have drawn him, but, unfortunately… I can’t draw worth shit.

Age 18
White hair
Bright grey eyes
Experience in prostitution

What more could you want?

Well, this was the first time I had ever tried to write something that’s as dirty as this – to tell you the truth, I haven’t gone as far as more than cute cuddles and chaste kisses in my stories before this *shrugs* – and this is also my first Deviant, so I hope this was any good.

If you wanna draw something for this, go ahead! I’ll be flattered; once again, I can’t draw worth shit.

I am officially going to take up requests for porn*, so go ahead and ask! That is… if you like my work… (I have a very low self esteem…)

*Mostly yaoi
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that was epic
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You are a very talented yaoi writer!!! And don't have low-self esteem. And sorry for being a year late.
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It's really good. I love how you wrote it so the reader could feel what the boy felt. 
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Write another one. Only, this one should be where he explains what he feels afterward, and the tentacle monster should come back and feel bad and... yeah...
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it's interesting when that monster can talk.
your way to write make me can imagine everything well.
in dark and blue neon colour..... it's easy to read and easy to understand

for your character, i really want to give him a towel to clean all mess and something to make him warm.
fempharaoh3000 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Such an odd reaction, I have. To be honest, I'd like to read more of your work (potentially any yaoi you can muster).

I am a fellow fujoshi (yaoi fangirl) sadly, but this is pretty good. I'm curious of your other works... Do you have a account (because I do, too), and may I see what you've written?

Welcome to dA, by the way. I see you've nestled yourself into the newb corner, transparent and underappreciated. Like moi. *is actually pretty good with French*
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